Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wrap-up post for the Read-a-thon

Books completed: 2
Books I'm in the middle of: 2
Total pages read: 497
Prizes won: 1 - a chocolate bunny!
Posts made: 19

Currently reading: Comfort by Ann Hood

I've had so much fun participating in this Read-a-thon. There were people who cheered me on and left great comments like Eva and Nymeth, Bethany and Jennie, Care and so many others. It really encouraged me to keep reading and to cheer on others. The mini-challenges were fun to join and I think I'll probably throw more than two next year. Dewey, thank you so much for throwing this challenge. Can you throw it every six months? LOL!! I also know that there are so many blogs I will be subscribing to. Thank you Cheerleaders, you've done a great job and congratulations to ever Reader who participated even for a minute.


gautami tripathy said...

It feels good, does it not?


Eva said...

Congrats!! I'm glad you had fun!! Your comments helped me out on my blog a lot too. :D

Nymeth said...

You were great, Vasillis! Congratulations :) Also, I will say again that I simply loved your mini-challenges. I wish I had done the poetry one, but I was asleep then. I loved reading the poems everyone posted, though. You had great ideas.

Wendy said...

You and I read at about the same pace! Congratulations on finishing. I just got up after sleeping another 2 hours - felt great!