Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekly Geeks #9

Weekly Geeks #9
This week's theme: Challenges

1. If you participate in any challenges, get organized! Update your lists, post about any you haven’t mentioned, add links of reviews to your lists if you do that, go to the challenge blog if there is one and post there, etc.

2. If you don’t participate in any challenges, then join one! There’s a good selection of possibilities over on my right hand sidebar (scroll down) where I list those I participate in. There’s also A Novel Challenge, a blog that keeps track of all sorts of reading challenges.

I love reading challenges. You can almost always find a challenge that suit your taste or host one if you can't. This year I have signed up for 29 challenges. The ones in bold are finished:

1. 24 hour Readathon
2. Southern Reading Challenge
3. In their shoes reading challenge (my own)
4. Kate's short story
5. The Pub

6. Once Upon a Time 2
7. Triple 8
8. 48 hour
9. Mini-challenge
10. Stephanie Meyer

11. Man Booker
12. Summer Reading
13. Soup's On
14. Spirituality
15. Graphic Novel

16. Orange Prize
17. Newbery Project
18. You set it paperback
19. Book Awards
20. Book Awards 2

21. Classics
22. Just 4 the hell of it
23. The Pulitzer Project
24. Jewish Literature
25. Russian Reading

26. D.E.A.R.
27. From the Stacks
28. Read one book
29. The Complete Booker

That is a lot of challenges. I refuse to even count how many books I would have to read total. The Triple 8 challenge is 56 books by itself. I'm only signing up for one more challenge and that's the R.I.P. Challenge coming in September. This week's Weekly Geeks is really going to keep me busy posting whatever reviews I have pending, updating all of my challenge lists, plus cross-posting as many books as possible.


____Maggie said...

And, I'm so glad you join the Southern Reading Challenge. ;D

Melanie said...

OMG! I cannot imagine joining up for that many! I'm going a bit crazy with the 7 i've signed up for! Good luck.