Monday, December 1, 2008


Dear Dewey,

Without even knowing you were gone, I missed you. Every morning when I turn on my computer, I go straight to "The Hidden Side" to see what you have posted next. Every day there was something new to read: a comment on life, a book review, a contest, or event. . . What I loved most about you was your honesty, your sense of humor, and your ability to bring bloggers from all over together to know each other and celebrate our love of books. If it wasn't for you, so many of us would not know each other.

You have been a mentor to me, teaching me it is okay to write, to put down your thoughts, and let the world see. You made writing seem so effortless. I am sorry I waited until this sad day to tell you all of this. I know better now.

Thank you for making me feel so good by hosting the Read-a-thon. I only participated once but I felt great cheering others on while making new blogging friends and reading.

To know that now there is only silence instead of your words, your thoughts is almost unbelievable. Your role can never be replaced or diminished with time.

Missing you,


Becky said...

Very well said.

Ana S. said...

"If it wasn't for you, so many of us would not know each other."

So true. I thought of her as a mentor too, as a constant inspiration. Beautiful tribute.

Vasilly said...

Thank you, Nymeth. It's amazing what one person can do. Dewey did so much and gave us so much. . .

Andi said...

Couldn't have said it better. Beautifully written.