Monday, December 22, 2008

Day four's summary, a library visit, and some books thrown in

Instead of giving you a million posts in one day, I'll just make this one a little longer than usual. I ended up finishing Savvy by Ingrid Law hours after I wrote day two's summary. I took the book to bed with me and stayed up until the last page was read. With three kids I'm strict about getting every hour of sleep that I can get, so it's the ultimate compliment.

Savvy starts with Mississippi (Mibs) Beaumont two days away from her thirteenth birthday, wondering about what "savvy" she will receive. A savvy is the special powers Beaumonts receive on their thirteenth birthday. With an older brother who can almost instantly make hurricanes, a mother who is perfect at everything she do, and a grandfather who can cause earthquakes, Mibs knows her savvy will be special. But when her father is hospitalized after a car accident, Mibs knows that her savvy will help her heal him and bring him home. The problem is how to get to the hospital. She finally sneaks on the bus of a bible salesman's, going on a road trip that's filled with adventures. A great coming-of-age story.

Yesterday I didn't read anything. Instead I spent the day hunting through new and used bookstores for great finds. Unfortunately I didn't find even one book, something that rarely happens to me. Maybe next time . . .

Today I read Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. I'll review it later this week, but for now: it's a great read.

At my visit to the library in between readings of Stargirl, I picked up more books, ignoring what's already on my bookshelf.

Classics for Pleasure by Michael Dirda. A collection of essays about Dirda's favorite classics.

Rumi: The Book of Love.

Great Books by David Denby. A memoir about Denby's year at Columbia University as an adult, rediscovering the classics all over again. (See a theme here?)

An Exact Replica of a Figment of my Imagination by Elizabeth McCracken


maggie moran said...

Mississippi Beaumont sounds like someone I need to gert to know! :)

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Great book choices. The book of essays is wonderful....I wish I'd read it slower. The memoir about losing a baby is powerful.

Liza P. said...

"Savvy" sounds like an amazing read! I will have to check it out.

Thanks for finding me and my blog! Your blog will definitely be another way to motivate me to find more time to read :)

Anonymous said...

You've sold me on "Savvy" by Ingrid Law. Thank you!

tanabata said...

I read Stargirl a few years ago and really liked it. Savvy sounds great too.