Thursday, December 18, 2008

23 Books in 23 Days Personal Challenge

Starts: Tomorrow, December 20, 2008
Ends: January 11, 2009, Sunday

With the fall semester officially over for me as of this morning, I can finally relax and read without guilt until the start of spring semester next year. Every year I usually hit the 150 mark when it comes to books read, but since I became a full-time student this year, I am currently at 128 books. So I came up a personal challenge to read 23 books in the next 23 days. I'm starting the challenge tomorrow and will end it on Sunday, January 11th, the day before the semester starts. I'm not giving myself any restrictions on genre or book length, though I do plan on reading Roberto Bolano's masterpiece 2666 which clocks in at a whooping 894 pages. This might end up the 22 books in 23 days challenge. Any way, wish me luck!


Kathleen said...

Wow that's quite a challenge. I'm sure you can do it though! 800+ pages in one day? Yikes!

Anonymous said...

I've give anything to be able to read like this. Oh the books I could read...what a wonderful day!

Vasilly said...

I'm reading anything and everything that I can get my hands on! I'm going to try not to get any reading-induced headaches.

jessi said...

Good luck! :)