Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Art of Graphic Novels

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art (1993)
Scott McCloud
216 pages
I should have read this book before starting my new obsession with graphic novels. I've learned so much about comics and art reading including: that comics started thousands of years ago, the differences between Western comics and comics from Japan, closure, and the importance of color and line. Though only 216 pages, it took me three days to read because there is so much information packed on each page. Well-written, funny, and very interesting, I'm going to have to read this book over and over again to learn everything Scott is explaining.

Bone Vols. 1-9 by Jeff Smith (1990-2003)
Winner of the 2005 Eisner Award for Best Reprint
5/5 rating
I read every single issue of this series in the last week. Bone is funny, witty, and addictive. Bone is about the three Bone cousins and their adventures in The Valley. They meet Grandma Ben and her granddaughter Thorn, Ms. Opossums and her babies, Lucius and so many others. They also run into rat creatures and a friendly dragon. The series is for kids and adults.

Fables Vols. 1-6 by Bill Willingham (2002-present)
Winner of 12 Eisner awards
5/5 rating
Fables is about what happens after happily ever after: Snow White and Prince Charming divorce after she caught him cheating, Beauty and the Beast are still together, and the big bad wolf is now a man. When an enemy called the Adversary destroys and kills everything in his path, the fables of old leave for America. They incorporate a city called Fabletown in modern-day New York and try to live as normal people. This series is not for kids with sexual humor and a lot of violence. Volumes one through six include Briar Rose's murder, Bluebeard's lust for death, getting revenge on the Adversary, and Snow White's pregnancy.
Fun Home - Alison Bechdel (2007)
232 pages
4 out of 5 rating
I can't say enough about this book, so I won't say too much. Fun Home is one of the newest addictions to the genre graphic novel/memoirs. Bechdel writes of growing up with her married father who is gay. Bechdel shows the reader her relationship with him and also her gradual coming out as a lesbian. A great story that's told with humor, thoughtfulness, and also a tinge of sadness.


Unknown said...

I love graphic novels!! I just finishing this amazing one called Mateki; The Magic Flute. It was really great with beautiful pictures!!

Samantha said...

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I received the book you gave away for the 24 hour read-a-thon for the quotes challenge. Thanks, it looks great. I already took a quick peek, but decided that if I let myself read more than three sentences, I wasn't going to get anything done.



Care said...

I love your quote "I can't say enough about this book, so I won't say too much." I so understand. I have yet to jump into the graphic novel craze. I think I will schedule some time at a library and just flip some pages of some of these?