Saturday, June 9, 2007

The end of The Book Thief

I finished The Book Thief! Oh my God, I didn't think I would. I was so scared of the ending. I found out that the ending was what I pictured for the main character, Liesel. I'm so happy. I was kind of weary when so many members of my book group ANovel Challenge said that they were weeping at different parts. So I tried to be strong even though one page in the middle of the book had me trying so hard not to cry while riding the city bus to school. Toward the very end I hadn't really cried, until this one part... I'm not going to give the book away at all, but I sobbed for a while. I guess it was out of happiness.

The Book Thief is such a great book. It's so simple, but it pulls you along without you even realizing that you are turning the pages. I will read anything that Markus Zusak writes.

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Jill said...

One of my favorite books of 2006! Glad you enjoyed it. I also read his "I am the Messenger" - not as gripping as "The Book Thief" but VERY good!

=) Jill