Thursday, February 28, 2008

So many books, so little time

Between psychology, political science, and the kids, I have very little time to read. In the last two weeks, I have read six to ten picture books and one children's book. No adult books at all. So I can already tell that I probably won't accomplish my goal of reading 200 books this year. My total so far: about 25 or so. I'm getting more acquainted with my textbooks than anything else. But that hasn't stopped me from signing up for two more challenges, the Spirituality Book Challenge hosted by Callista. It starts March 1st through June 1st. You have to read three books that have to do with spirituality in some way. I desperately need to read some of the many books on my shelf, so I'm going to try to read The Best Spiritual Writing 1998, The Best Spiritual Writing 2004, and God: Stories.

I also signed up for the D.E.A.R. Reading Challenge. Dear stands for Drop everything and read. It's being hosted by Becky. The goal of the challenge is to get more people reading. The official D.E.A.R. day is April 12th and is being celebrated by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and First Book, along with many other organizations. I plan on having my family and myself read for 30 minutes a day, every day between March 12th and April 12th. I don't have any problems getting any of the kids to read except for one. You know who you are, V... I think I'm going to throw the kids here a party on D.E.A.R. day.

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