Monday, July 16, 2007

Four Questions

I have to say that besides books and book challenges, one of my other addictions is Yahoo!Answers. I absolutely love answering people's questions about things from love (does he love me?) to financial aid to song lyrics. I try not to go on it very much. But the other day I was on and someone asked four very good questions. It made me think a lot. I think I know have my topic for my future essay for This I Believe. The four questions are:
1. Three words that describe my life... interesting, hard, and loving
2. My life goal is... to be the person that I am meant to be.
3. If I gave this goal my all but failed, did I really fail? I don't know.
4. The legacy that I want to leave behind... to show people that if you believe and you try, you can be whoever and whatever it is you want to be and that no goal is unreachable. I also want my family to know that love and family are too important and you get so much from it, that you should never not give it your all every day.
For the longest time I've been wanting to write an essay for This I Believe. Ever since I read the newest edition of the book, I've dreamt of writing my own essay on what is one core belief in my life. I think my essay will be about the importance of family, something I cannot live without at all. My family has taught me so much in life, that everyday I try to repay them by living a good life.
Speaking of making by life better, tomorrow I won't be able to go to school because my youngest isn't feeling up to par. Last week it was one of my younger twin sisters. I had to stay out of school almost all week. I doubt mind being out, but the semester is almost over and I'm a little antsy. I'm trying to finish up all my classwork, before the end of next week. The next semester won't start until September. Let's hope I finish in time.


Anonymous said...

A comment about your life goal, if you don't mind.
I have found that what I thought were my goals at various ages changed dramatically over the years. Yes, there's so much I know in hindsight I could have done better and with more kindness, but I decided a few years ago that I would find a way to live with all my "mistakes" - all the roads I might have taken and all the roads I shouldn't have taken. No one can completely live up to their youthful potential because they have to make those choices.
But you know, in the end you will have become the person you were meant to be: you will have become the person who is the sum of all those decisions.
About 10 years ago I apologized to one of my sons (he was about 24 at the time) for all the mistakes I'd made as a mother. His response was, "Why are you apologizing? Aren't you happy with the way I've turned out?"
That's the best legacy I could ask for.
And that's what I believe.

Vasilly said...

You are so right, Gracie. I have a fear of dying now and have spent my life with it "in progress".