Friday, January 2, 2009

"I Suck At Challenges" Challenge!

I love this challenge already! As Chris stated,
I always wanted to host a reading challenge but never had a topic in mind. Of course, I realized that my track record with challenges is less than stellar. What a really need is a challenge to complete my challenges! So I invented The I Suck at Challenges Challenge. It's rather tongue in cheek but it might keep some of you challenges on the path to actually completing one or two. Lord knows there's enough challenges starting up now to tempt you all.

My category:

The 12 Steppers
(Aka "I can stop whenever I want.")
There's a challenge. You see it. Your palms start to sweat. Mr Linky mocks you. You try to stop yourself but it's too late. You've committed yourself to Books That Start With Q Challenge and you know you'll do it again when the next challenge comes along. The only thing is, how are you ever going to complete them all? Sound like you? Then you are a 12 Stepper. No program is going to help you though; you're addicted.

The rules are to list every challenge that you've signed up for. Chris will periodically call on participants to tell her their progress. She's also going to have giveaways.

My challenges:

1. The A to Z Challenge
2. A Novel Group's Mini-Challenge
3. Young Adult Challenge
4. Year of Reading Dangerously
5. Read Your Own Books
6. Book Awards
7. Diversity Rocks
8. In Their Shoes
9. Jewish Literature (I don't think I officially signed up for this.)
10. John Steinbeck Mini-Challenge
11. Lambda Challenge
12. Unshelved Reading Challenge
13. 9 Books for 2009
14 Childhood Favourites
15. Graphic Novel Challenge
16. Dewey's Books
17. Lost in Translation
18. World Citizen
19. Essay Reading
20. Year of Readers
21. 100 shots of short story reading
22. Dream King
23. Martel-Harper
24. 42 Challenge

Okay I think that's it but if you know I signed up for a challenge and it's not here, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

You are insane, my friend. Clinically, I think! I thought I was doing a bunch of challenges....

Kailana said...

It is a good idea for a challenge. I hardly signed up for any challenges last year, though, and this year I only did ones that I would be reading anyway, so I don't really think I qualify.

I can't believe you are in 23 challenges! Other people are in more! Just crazy! (Good crazy, not bad crazy!)

N.Vasillis said...

Aerin and Kailana: I know I am insane!I said I would only join four to six challenges this year and joined 23. Okay, no more! =)

Chris said...

Whoa! You are a 12 Stepper! Welcome to the challenge.

Stefanie said...

Mr Linky mocks you--I love it! You are signed up for quite a few challenges. I'm not sure I could keep track of al those if it were me!

BookPsmith said...

Too funny. I can relate. I see a challenge and my first reaction is to join. I created a self-enforced rule though to control myself: print out the rules of the challenge, read carefully, wait 24 hours. If you still want to join, go ahead. It has helped me not to join challenges for genres I know I will never read. I am definitely going to check this out.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

Too funny! I'm going to think about joining this ... will it push me over the edge, or just let me laugh at the mess I've gotten myself into?!

She is Too Fond of Books