Saturday, August 23, 2008

The 2008 Ban on Spending Book Challenge

School has been keeping me so busy the last two weeks. One semester ended and another one began. I've barely had time to read books that aren't required reading, let alone write about them. But I have found the perfect book challenge for me right now. J. Kaye is hosting the 2008 Ban on Spending Book Challenge. Perfect since I just bought about ten books, received three from pbs, and have four more on the way from pbs. The rules are:

1. No purchasing books for yourself until all the books listed are gone. No purchasing books for other people with the intention of reading them after they are finished. Library or other borrowed books can’t be listed.

2. Any books won in a raffle or given to me as a gift will be added to this list.

3. Books to be reviewed for promo companies, other blogs, authors, etc. do not count and are not added to this list.

4. Start anytime and list as many or as few books as needed. Once all books are checked off from the list, the ban is lifted and the spending can begin again.

5. The ending date for each person can vary to a few weeks or months as long as it does not exceed December 31, 2008. This ban can be lifted earlier if all books listed have been read or donated.
My books are:
1. Housekeeping vs. Dirt - Nick Hornby
2. My Mistress's Sparrow is Dead - Jeffrey Eugenides
3. Sinners Welcome - Mary Karr
4. Easter Everywhere - Darcey Steinke
5. The People's Act of Love - James Meek
6. Giraffe - J.M. Ledgard
7. Away - Amy Bloom
8. Memory - Philippe Grimbert
9. Friday Night Knitting Club - Kate Jacobs
10. One Writer's Beginning - Eudora Welty
11. The Scent of God - Beryl Singleton Bissell
12. The Water will hold you - Lindsey Crittenden
13. The Best American Spiritual Writing 2007 - Harvey Cox
14. High Fidelity - Nick Hornby
I'm so excited to start. Now I can finally give myself a reason why I can't buy anymore books.

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