Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Book Awards 2

Dear Friends,

Please pay no attention to my previous posts about not signing up for any more book challenges. I've come to realize that I am addicted to book challenges and every time one catches my eye, I join. I cannot ignore the temptation. I will join every book challenge that I feel like joining and try to overlap as many books as possible with other challenges. So hello, Friends, my name is Vasilly and I'm addicted to books and challenges.
With that said, I just joined another challenge. The Book Awards Reading Challenge 2 hosted by 3m. The first annual Book Awards Challenge is still going on now, but will end June 30th. BARC2 has slightly different rules than the first. The challenge will only last 10 months, from August 1, 2008 through June 1, 2009. You read 10 award-winning books, with at least 5 of those titles in different awards. Here's my rough draft of what I'm going to read:
1. Looking for Alaska - John Green (Printz 2006)
2. The Giver - Lois Lowry (Newbery 1994)
3. The Color Purple - Alice Walker (National Book Award 1983)
4. Anything by Samuel Beckett (Novel Prize 1969)
5. Driving Miss Daisy - Alfred Uhry (Pulitzer Prize for Drama 1988)
6. Saturday - Ian McEwan (James Tait Black Memorial 2005)
7. August: Osage County - Tracy Letts (Pulitzer for Drama 2008)
8. Housekeeping -Marilynne Robinson (Pen/Hemingway 1981)
9. Angels in America - Tony Kushner (Pulitzer for Drama 1993)
10. Who knows?
Okay, that's it. Now I'm off to study. I have finals in just two short days.

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tinylittlelibrarian said...

Right on, sister! I have said the same thing myself, that I won't join any more and it never works. Overlapping is very key. :)

(I enjoyed Looking for Alaska!)