Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Birthday, Oliver!

Tomorrow is my oldest son Oliver's fourth birthday. I am so happy. It really does seem like he was born just yesterday. Now he's this little guy telling me what he thinks of Blue's Clues or what book he wants from paperbackswap. I'm so happy that he and his siblings are in my life. They teach me so much. Maybe more than I teach them. So tomorrow I'm going to have my kids and my sisters make their own pizzas, watch movies, go to the park, and eat cupcakes all day long since Olie doesn't want a cake. My birthday is Monday and I think he's the reason I even attempt to celebrate my own birthday. When I was 20, right before my 21st birthday, he was my present. Instead of going out to a club or something to celebrate, I was at home nursing my newborn. Something that suited me better. I'm just so happy that my babies are in my life. I love you, Oliver. Happy birthday!

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Maggie said...

Happy Birthday Oliver! You have a hip bloggin' mom! :)